Chemtech Concrete Solutions specializes in providing services to the decorative concrete industry

  • We have a traveling team of expert decorative concrete artisans available for projects throughout the Maritimes.
  • We do residential and select commercial work.
  • New construction or renovation.
  • We attempt to stay on the leading edge of new developments in the industry.
  • We strive to provide careful, prompt, and courteous service, with the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


About Decorative Concrete

  • Beautiful, warm, and elegant, enhancing any room
  • Easy maintenance (sweep, vac, damp mop as necessary – nothing sticks)
  • Clean and non-allergenic, doesn’t hold dust and allergens
  • Custom suited to your space and tastes
  • Durable; the color and engraving become part of the concrete. The design will never fade or peel
  • Cost Effective (a high end floor at much lower cost than comparable flooring options)
  • Optimum Heat Transfer Properties for in-floor radiant heat systems and passive solar designs
  • Environmentally Responsible, using existing concrete and minimal extra materials
  • Each floor is interesting and unique, coloring enhances natural patterns and engraving adds another dimension of beauty